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Proper tire alignment is important to avoid excessive wear on tires and vehicle parts. Bad tire alignment can decrease your MPG, make wheels work against each other, and wear out tires by causing bad tread wear patterns.

Air Conditioning maintenance is important to ensure proper refrigerant and lubrication levels. Having your AC maintained reduces the risk of compressor failure, therefore keeping you cool through your journey.

Treadwear on day by day basis causes changes in the distribution of weight around the tire and wheel assembly. Having your tires balanced minimizes the potential cause of vibration on your steering wheel, seats, or floor. Having your wheels balanced results in a smoother ride.

Guidelines for your truck’s braking system to ensure a safe and smooth driving, using the best quality parts on the market.

At Pneumatic Tire Co., we provide an electronic diagnosis of all your equipment. This ensures continued knowledge of your truck, diesel engine, or RV so we can keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Many times a simple object like a nail can cause severe damage to the tire. Here at Pneumatic Tire Co. we can fix your tire and prevent further damage.

DOT Inspection

The Department of Transportation requires all commercial vehicle weighing 10,001 lbs. or more undergo an inspection every year, to check all parts of the vehicle are working properly.

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