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Best Service In Town

With our trained experts, we are here to provide the best service for your truck. Our team of experts give the best quality of service. To ensure a great experience for our customers.

More Than Service

With our trained personnel, we will make sure that you and your truck are serviced the right way. Keeping you safe out on the road is our priority.

Electronic Diagnostic

We have the equipment to diagnose your vehicle and detect exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. We invest in having the best diagnostic equipment in the country.

Accurate Diagnostics

With top of the line equipment, we provide the most precise diagnostics for your vehicle. Your vehicle is serviced with the best equipment in town.

Best Tires In Town

Tires that keep you safe on the road through any weather condition. Tires are more than tires, they're what keeps you safe. With our knowledge we will help the lifetime of your tires.

Reliable Tires

Here at Pneumatic Tire Co., our tires come from the best factories because your tires are what keeps you safe out on the road.

Trained Personnel

We believe by having the best trained experts, along with top of the line equipment, you and your vehicle will be assured out on the road. Our team is trained for your vehicle.

Minimizing Rotation of Personnel

By us minimizing personnel rotation, it has allowed us to maintain our trained experts to utilize our top of the line equipment, which will bring you security and comfort out on the road.

Our Philosophy

Trusted Partners

Our Equipment